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Dumfries music conference 2019

We’re currently in the midst of programming 2019. This year we’re committed to raising the profile of the Dumfries music scene, its artists, producers, writers and venues. We’re looking into innovative takeover projects, highlighting the work of women in the industry as well as working towards our 2019 annual conference. Here’s to the year ahead.

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Originally hailing from Castle Douglas, VanIves are setting the Scottish scene ablaze with their unique blend of R&B, electronica and folk that has left music lovers and critics floored. Check out their debut single, Positive, below,  available on iTunes. Trust us. They're going to be big. 

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Zoe Bestel

Ethereal vocals, poignant melodies and stirring lyrics describes nu-folk singer/songwriter Zoe Bestel, hailed as one of the country's most exciting emerging talents. Grey Skies is the debut single of Bestel's new album, Transience, available on iTunes.

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